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I have been a long term US customer of Israelpharm.com and have never once had a single problem with any prescription. I am 101% the bad reviews were put up by Pharmaceutical company pawns and US pharmacists because they don't want you to buy from Israelpharm.com because they lose business.

Well the pharmaceutical companies don't lose business because they get business either way but they are able to price gouge you here in the US and charge you whatever they want, whereas laws in Israel and Europe prevent them from doing that, so they don't lose you as a customer but they lose the significant amount of money that you would pay if you had bought your drugs from a US pharmacy. They also give kick backs to doctors to push their drugs.

They say they don't, but paying all expenses for a doctor and his family's trip to the Bahamas for an educational forum on their products is really a vacation. You do not have to worry about Israelpharm.com, they are legit and have fair pricing, not 'drive you broke' American pharmacy prices.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

IsraelPharm Pros: Affordability.

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